One for the random Youtube-ness…


Again randomly arrived at a new song at youtube. I haven’t really watched the “Sons of Anarchy”  but this song is just too nice and hence, this post.

Song:” Hey Hey, My My” by Battleme

If anyone watches this show, a quick review will be much appreciated! Seems like a very popular show.


——Wandering Sonata.

One for Mary… Lovely song by Patty Griffin.


Came across this song while I was watching the movie called Niagara Niagara“. This movie has an awesome soundtrack and this is one beautiful number from there. I kind of like the soft beat that plays in the background and the wonderful lyrics.

Song: Mary by Patty Griffin.

Whether you’re a believer or not, music has the ability to brush aside all our inhibitions for once. It makes us trust what we have, what we know… That’s just good for now.


——-Wandering Sonata

A good kind of haunting…

Any fan of the show “The Mentalist”, will know this song. It had appeared in Season 2’s 8th Episode – “His Right Red Hand”. Now that makes it pretty obvious that I am a huge fan of the show. Well, yes!  I feel that the song selection for each episode has been terrific. All the songs that feature certainly blend well with the scenes.

This song certainly has that eerie feeling to it. I call it a good kind of haunting! 🙂

Song: Darkening Sky ~ Peter Bradley Adams.

——Wandering Sonata

One for the heart that longs for home…


Whenever I think of home, this song always comes to mind. From the OST of George Clooney starrer “Up in the Air”.

‘Going Home’ by Dan Auerbach.


This song sounds just right. I guess this is when they say “music just touches the right chords”, doesn’t it?

Enough said…


——Wandering Sonata.