One for Roger Subirana…music which touches your soul!

Sorry for not updating this blog. I was tied up with the worldly ways. But here I am with something new.

This one is a beautiful instrumental by Roger Subirana. Now, Roger is an upcoming musician who is wonderfully talented and he creates magic with his profound music! 

This song is called “Fragile” and it is one of my favourite tracks from Roger’s collection. He has come out with many splendid compositions. Check out his Dark Symphony album and many more on his website:

The interesting part about Roger is that he is not professionally trained but it’s his dedication and love for music that gives him the passion to create something so beautiful! No wonder, his music touches my soul!

Song: ‘Fragile’ by Roger Subirana

Go and show some love to this remarkable talent! The world needs to hear him…

P.S: I would love to hear from you. Do get in touch! Hope you like the music here! 🙂

——Wandering Sonata


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