One for the “Flowers”…


Heard this song yesterday and thought of sharing it. I think this also featured in Grey’s Anatomy. What a soundtrack compilation! Underrated song again… Loved it!

I had never heard of this O+S band earlier. Know about their music or any other song? If yes, please share!


For now, go listen to this one!

Song: Flowers turn to fire ~ O+S


Like it?

———-Wandering Sonata

One for the legend….


Try listening to this piece at late hours of the night…What a legend! Experience magic or a different world. Enough said!


Instrumental piece: Requiem ~ Mozart.


You must have realized by now that I don’t stick to genres 🙂 


———–Wandering Sonata

One for the ‘lost & found’ episodes….


So I’ve been collecting songs and it’s been a never ending process….

Heard this song in the popular series – Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, I know I’ve been on a roll with music from Grey’s. Can’t help it. Good stuff people!

Song : Lost and Found ~ Katie Herzig.


———Wandering Sonata.