One for the OST of “Last Night”…

Recently, I had watched this movie called “Last Night” and couldn’t get over it’s beautiful soundtrack. I think the song really defines the movie and you’ll see that when you watch the movie.

I think the soundtrack is essentially the soul of a movie. If it doesn’t strike the right chord, the movie falls flat. This song keeps the heart beat thumping as the story unfolds.

Song: “Not at Home ~ Peter Broderick and Clint Mansell”

Listen 🙂

——–Wandering Sonata.


3 thoughts on “One for the OST of “Last Night”…

  1. suzie81 says:

    Youre right, the music is beautiful.

    The film I’m in love with at the minute is 500 Days of Summer.

    All the best!

  2. Biplab says:

    I hope and wish I could someday discuss this soundtrack with you in person ! So many emotions, unspoken, spoken, expressed in this music !!

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