One for Cristina Yang… Ruby Blue

Song: Ruby Blue                                                              

Artist: Sleeping at last.

All you Grey’s Anatomy fans must be familiar with this track.

This song is so Cristina Yang and it was only apt to have it play for her last episode on Grey’s. The finale of Season 10 was heart breaking with one of the show’s most loved character making an exit. I used to watch the show only because of Cristina and Owen. Now, with Cristina gone, the show wouldn’t be the same. This song renders a touching final goodbye moment for Cristina.

Cheers to you Sandra Oh for making Cristina’s character so striking and memorable!


—-Wandering Sonata

One for the “Flowers”…


Heard this song yesterday and thought of sharing it. I think this also featured in Grey’s Anatomy. What a soundtrack compilation! Underrated song again… Loved it!

I had never heard of this O+S band earlier. Know about their music or any other song? If yes, please share!


For now, go listen to this one!

Song: Flowers turn to fire ~ O+S


Like it?

———-Wandering Sonata

One for the ‘lost & found’ episodes….


So I’ve been collecting songs and it’s been a never ending process….

Heard this song in the popular series – Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, I know I’ve been on a roll with music from Grey’s. Can’t help it. Good stuff people!

Song : Lost and Found ~ Katie Herzig.


———Wandering Sonata.

One for the “Grey’s”

The soundtrack of Grey’s Anatomy brings together some great songs. I’ve just started watching the series so will be sharing and adding  some of my favourites from the lot. Feel free to add your suggestions!

Hats off to the guys who pick out just the perfect songs! Enjoy!

“Don’t forget me” ~ Way out west

“Fools in love” ~ Inara George

“Turn and Turn again” ~ All thieves

——Wandering Sonata