One for C’est la vie ~ Emerson, Lake & Palmer

This is an old one. It’s by the musicians who go by the name of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. (Read about Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

Previously, I had posted about one of their songs called “Still… you turn me on”. This is another amazing track by them I’m not sure if most of you have heard this one. If not, just hit the play button.

Absolutely love the vocalist! What a voice!

Song: C’est la vie ~ Emerson, Lake & Palmer


C’est la vie

Have your leaves all turned to brown
Will you scatter them around you
C’est la vie.

Do you love
And then how am I to know
If you don’t let your love show for me
C’est la vie.

(Chorus) Oh, oh, c’est la vie.
Oh, oh, c’est la vie.
Who knows, who cares for me…
C’est la vie.

In the night
Do you light a lover’s fire
Do the ashes of desire for you remain.

Like the sea
There’s a love too deep to show
Took a storm before my love flowed for you
C’est la vie

(Chorus) Oh, oh, c’est la vie.
Oh, oh, c’est la vie.
Who knows, who cares for me…
C’est la vie.

Like a song
Out of tune and out of time
All I needed was a rhyme for you
C’est la vie.

Do you give
Do you live from day to day
Is there no song I can play for you
C’est la vie.

(Chorus) Oh, oh, c’est la vie.
Oh, oh, c’est la vie.
Who knows, who cares for me…
C’est la vie.

——–Wandering Sonata

One for ‘Clothes of Sand’

A few days ago, someone had posted the link to this song on my Twitter timeline. I happened to check it out and loved the track. Amazing voice, lyrics and the music kept simple. So, I thought of sharing this song.

Song: Clothes of Sand ~ Nick Drake

Really liked these line:

“Can you now return to from where you came

 Try to burn your changing name 

Or with silver spoons and coloured light 

Will you worship moons in winter’s night.” 


I guess, good music just finds you. But are you listening enough?


Give it a listen!


——-Wandering Sonata.

One for ‘Still…you turn me on”


Listen to this one and tell me if you don’t end up playing it on repeat.

I am a big fan of that guitar! Come to think of it, everything is perfect about this song – vocals, lyrics and music!


The lyrics are straight away out from a poet’s web. Check it out here:

“Do you wanna be the lover of another?

Undercover you could even be the Man on the moon “


Song: “Still…you turn me on”  by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

——Wandering Sonata

One for ‘Diamonds & Rust’…


This song has become one of my most beloved songs. I can listen to it for almost infinite number of times without having that saturation effect. Very few songs have this quality and this is one such song.

Joan Baez sings it for her lover Bob Dylan and it speaks volumes. Of course, the video is self-explanatory.

The sound of that guitar just grips my soul and the lyrics narrate a story; a scene from a lover’s life…It creates nostalgia and somehow reminds me of autumn. Maybe this is how being in love must feel like…


Song: ‘Diamonds & Rust’ by Joan Baez 

~ Lyrics ~

“Well I’ll be damned 
Here comes your ghost again 
But that’s not unusual 
It’s just that the moon is full 
And you happened to call 
And here I sit 
Hand on the telephone 
Hearing a voice I’d known 
A couple of light years ago 
Heading straight for a fall

As I remember your eyes 
Were bluer than robin’s eggs 
My poetry was lousy you said 
Where are you calling from? 
A booth in the midwest 
Ten years ago 
I bought you some cufflinks 
You brought me something 
We both know what memories can bring 
They bring diamonds and rust

Well you burst on the scene 
Already a legend 
The unwashed phenomenon 
The original vagabond 
You strayed into my arms 
And there you stayed 
Temporarily lost at sea 
The Madonna was yours for free 
Yes the girl on the half-shell 
Would keep you unharmed

Now I see you standing 
With brown leaves falling around 
And snow in your hair 
Now you’re smiling out the window 
Of that crummy hotel 
Over Washington Square 
Our breath comes out white clouds 
Mingles and hangs in the air 
Speaking strictly for me 
We both could have died then and there

Now you’re telling me 
You’re not nostalgic 
Then give me another word for it 
You who are so good with words 
And at keeping things vague 
Because I need some of that vagueness now 
It’s all come back too clearly 
Yes I loved you dearly 
And if you’re offering me diamonds and rust 
I’ve already paid”


“We both know what memories can bring, they bring diamonds and rust…”


——-Wandering Sonata.



A good kind of haunting…

Any fan of the show “The Mentalist”, will know this song. It had appeared in Season 2’s 8th Episode – “His Right Red Hand”. Now that makes it pretty obvious that I am a huge fan of the show. Well, yes!  I feel that the song selection for each episode has been terrific. All the songs that feature certainly blend well with the scenes.

This song certainly has that eerie feeling to it. I call it a good kind of haunting! 🙂

Song: Darkening Sky ~ Peter Bradley Adams.

——Wandering Sonata