One for re-making the classics! (Ain’t no sunshine)

I was listening to Bill Withers’ original version of “Ain’t no sunshine” and came across many other nicely done renditions. It is indeed a huge task to match the beauty of the original composition but I really liked a few versions so thought I should share them here.

First one is by Joe Cocker. Listen & enjoy!

 Joe Cocker ~ Ain’t no shunshine


Another great version is the one done by Shaun Smith during “Britain’s got talent” auditions. What a voice!

Shaun Smith ~ Ain’t no shunshine


And yet another neat version.

Selah Sue & Ronny Mosuse ~ Ain’t no sunshine


Which one did you like best? 

——-Wandering Sonata




One for the heart that longs for home…


Whenever I think of home, this song always comes to mind. From the OST of George Clooney starrer “Up in the Air”.

‘Going Home’ by Dan Auerbach.


This song sounds just right. I guess this is when they say “music just touches the right chords”, doesn’t it?

Enough said…


——Wandering Sonata.