One for ‘Clothes of Sand’

A few days ago, someone had posted the link to this song on my Twitter timeline. I happened to check it out and loved the track. Amazing voice, lyrics and the music kept simple. So, I thought of sharing this song.

Song: Clothes of Sand ~ Nick Drake

Really liked these line:

“Can you now return to from where you came

 Try to burn your changing name 

Or with silver spoons and coloured light 

Will you worship moons in winter’s night.” 


I guess, good music just finds you. But are you listening enough?


Give it a listen!


——-Wandering Sonata.

One for my first time at recording…


So, I’ve been wanting to record my poems for a long time now. Today, I finally did it. It was a sudden outbreak of creative energy and I just went with the flow.

It’s a reading of my recently written poem: “Only one win matters” (Read Poem)

The audio is uploaded on Soundcloud and may I please inform you that it is pretty raw since I am no professional. Also, it’s Chopin playing in the background music. I thought it went well with the mood of the poem.  Listen to ‘Only one win matters’

Give it a listen & would love your feedback 🙂  One for my first time at recording

——Wandering Sonata.

One for the marvels of Amit Trivedi…

Because Indian music is known to bring about so many variations. This is one song that proves the point. I’ve been singing this song all month long. Still singing…

The voices, the lyrics and the magic of Amit Trivedi’s terrific composition makes this a very beautiful song. This man can make music.

Song: Lagan Lagi Re ~ Trishna (movie song)

——— Wandering Sonata.

One for the catchy Jazz….

October has been quite the musical journey for me… Days have been running on the typical highs and lows, just like musical notes.

Here is one of my recent finds. This tune is stuck in my head for now…

Song: “Why did we fire the gun?” ~ Waldeck.

A find from my sister’s playlist. That’s the delight of exchanging songs. Really…

——– Wandering Sonata.

One for the OST of “Last Night”…

Recently, I had watched this movie called “Last Night” and couldn’t get over it’s beautiful soundtrack. I think the song really defines the movie and you’ll see that when you watch the movie.

I think the soundtrack is essentially the soul of a movie. If it doesn’t strike the right chord, the movie falls flat. This song keeps the heart beat thumping as the story unfolds.

Song: “Not at Home ~ Peter Broderick and Clint Mansell”

Listen 🙂

——–Wandering Sonata.