One for ‘Clothes of Sand’

A few days ago, someone had posted the link to this song on my Twitter timeline. I happened to check it out and loved the track. Amazing voice, lyrics and the music kept simple. So, I thought of sharing this song.

Song: Clothes of Sand ~ Nick Drake

Really liked these line:

“Can you now return to from where you came

 Try to burn your changing name 

Or with silver spoons and coloured light 

Will you worship moons in winter’s night.” 


I guess, good music just finds you. But are you listening enough?


Give it a listen!


——-Wandering Sonata.

One for the self guessing “Who am I?” moments…

Have you heard “The Samples”? Great music. I really liked this track. Beautifully penned lyrics and composed. Nice acoustic sound!

Give it a listen.

Song: “Who am I” ~ The Samples.

———-Wandering Sonata

One for the legend….


Try listening to this piece at late hours of the night…What a legend! Experience magic or a different world. Enough said!


Instrumental piece: Requiem ~ Mozart.


You must have realized by now that I don’t stick to genres 🙂 


———–Wandering Sonata

One for the ‘lost & found’ episodes….


So I’ve been collecting songs and it’s been a never ending process….

Heard this song in the popular series – Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, I know I’ve been on a roll with music from Grey’s. Can’t help it. Good stuff people!

Song : Lost and Found ~ Katie Herzig.


———Wandering Sonata.

One for ‘Still…you turn me on”


Listen to this one and tell me if you don’t end up playing it on repeat.

I am a big fan of that guitar! Come to think of it, everything is perfect about this song – vocals, lyrics and music!


The lyrics are straight away out from a poet’s web. Check it out here:

“Do you wanna be the lover of another?

Undercover you could even be the Man on the moon “


Song: “Still…you turn me on”  by Emerson, Lake & Palmer

——Wandering Sonata

One for ‘This never happened before’…


Again, this is another popular track which also features in the movie “The Lake house”.  A wonderful song by Paul McCartney!

My sister made me hear this song in the fall of 2010..I still remember!


Song: ‘This never happened before’ by Paul McCartney.


——Wandering Sonata